Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Poem for the Chapman Family

Today I learned of the tragic death of Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter, Maria. It's so hard to understand how God could allow this to happen. Why would He choose not to answer the volumes of prayers of the righteous to save the life of this precious child? The answer will not come in this lifetime. He is God and I am not. As my friend Kathy Marsh explained at the untimely death of her husband, today we only see the back of the tapestry with all it's knots and stray threads. One day we will see how He has woven all the good and bad together to create the beautiful image of the life He wants to reflect through us. The following poem God gave me today for the Chapman family.

Adopted Again
In Memory of Maria Sue Chapman
By Ginger Johnson Broslat

There was a time before I remember at all,
No one answered when my tears for Daddy called.
But my Father who created me with his hands above,
Placed me in a family as an extension of His love.
They showed me how to laugh, how to jump and dance,
They showed me there are families to give children a chance.
They adopted me as theirs and gave me their name,
To show me their hearts I could always claim.
Brothers and sisters I think are the best,
Special gifts God gave me I am so blessed.
I was shocked when the call came for me,
I was busy with my family and happy as could be.
But what a surprise I have had today,
I’m adopted again in such a big way!
I never knew I could be loved more,
Than by my earthly family who I always adored.
But standing there ready to greet me,
Was Jesus himself in all his beauty!
We danced and we laughed and twirled round and round,
Then I heard the most wonderful sound.
It was the voice of God, my Father above,
“Welcome home Maria, came to my arms of love!”
As I snuggled close into His embrace,
He let me see the tears on my family’s face.
I asked Him about them and friends left behind,
He said I would see them in a short time.
Until then I get to be a comforter guide,
Quietly guiding them from inside.
I will strengthen, inspire and calm each fear,
He’s even given me a bottle to collect each of their tears.
I have also been given a special chore,
To help Him find families for lost girls and boys.
You see, watching above I have a better view,
And the ability to do so much more than I ever could do!
I’m sorry for the sadness left behind,
But I really am having a wonderful time.
I’ve been chosen again and adopted once more,
By my great God who taught the eagles to sore.
Live your life for Jesus no matter how long your race,
So that you, like me, can see His beautiful face.