Sunday, September 24, 2017

Daily Dose 9-24-17

Psalm 67:6-7 The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us. May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.

What is our motive for requesting blessings from the LORD? Most of us request blessings for our comfort or healing. This Psalmist paints a beautiful picture of a pure motive for blessings. Through his harvest, or financial blessings, he wants to impact the world for God. Carrying the message of God’s love and the redemption available to us through Christ should be our motivator and driving force for all that we do. When you put your requests before the LORD today, consider your motive. Will the request you are making impact the Kingdom?

Father, I love You so much and am so grateful or a relationship with You. I want others to know that same blessing. Touch my heart. Provide the blessings I need to follow Your will. My greatest blessings come when I am an effective tool in Your hands. Use me. I love You! Amen

Friday, September 22, 2017

Loss of Potential Life

Working on a community health project for the past couple of years, I’ve read lots of national studies and health statistics. One chart that strikes a chord is the Loss of Potential life. It’s a way to view a community’s health by studying the number of deaths prior to the average life expectancy. It tracks if preventable health issues are improving or declining to measure the effectiveness of community health programs. For my friends who eat, live and breathe these stats, I may have butchered the definition, but it’s how I understand it. Loss of Potential Life, it’s a phrase we need to think about daily.

Yesterday, an aneurysm sniffed away the potential life of Carmen Roberson Greiner. She was my potential friend. We had just been introduced over the past few months as part of our mutual dear friend Allison Campbell’s newly-formed Lunch With Friends group. Last month, I was blessed to sit next to Carmen and begin those conversations that take you a bit below the surface of acquaintance and  on the way to a friendship. That was sniffed out yesterday. For me, it is the loss of the unknown but for so many people I love in this community, her loss brings them a bit of their own Potential Life Lost. My heart breaks for her family and friends who have cherished memories and will miss her smile in their familiar places.

As I mourn with and for those who have lost the potential of sharing their lives with Carmen, I’m reminded of a phrase, “Life is too short...”. This is part of the reason Allison started our lunch group. “How often do we say, “Let’s do lunch, and never do?” Allison put it on the calendar, invited a few who invited a few. Our group is growing. We are enjoying our lives together even if it’s a brief bit of time each month – it’s on purpose. That is the way to battle Loss of Potential Life. Yes, healthy lifestyles play a role in how long we will live, but purposeful relationships determine how well we will live those years.

Ironically, Carmen missed our Lunch With Friends the day before her sudden death, why? She chose to volunteer at her daughter’s school...she prioritized. I missed her. I had looked forward to continuing our conversation from last month. My life went on after that fleeting thought. But how sweet the memory was for Grayson!

Let the loss of Carmen lead us to live life on purpose. Prioritize those most important while still being open and available for those potential friends. Live with joy by bringing joy to others. Remember, each conversation with someone you care about may be the last. We are not promised tomorrow. At the beginning of each day, plan for living that day to its fullest potential. It’s the only way to truly beat the death statistic we will all be a part of one day. Today, do not allow any of your potential life be lost, make it count!